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Session Options

We offer a variety of sessions and themes to help you get the most out of your exclusive day of custom photography.


Graduates / Teens 

For graduation, sweet 16, or simply a day of pampering to remember a special time in life. Your teens' evolving personalities are on display as we work with them to create a freeze frame of this all-important step towards adulthood, with stunning photography they can share with friends and family for years to come.


We love working with kids. Your little ones show the world how to laugh, love, and live - without any filters. The magic found in children is both the easiest and most difficult to bottle. Spend time with them and it bubbles up inside of you. Step away from that innocence and imagination, and you'll be yearning to return to that place in your heart. Incredible captures in natural environments can help take you back to a time that moves by too quickly. Beautiful prints you can hold in your hands provide a gift that your children will share with their children.

Engagements & Couples

Nervous? You don't need to be. We understand most guys aren't accustomed to posing. And, that soon-to-be brides are often too busy trying to plan the big day with a stomach full of butterflies to relax long enough to, well... relax. We're here for you. We're specialists in pulling you out of the real world, if only for a brief mental vacation, to get you focused back on what this whole thing is all about - the two of you becoming one. He doesn't have to install Permagrin 2.0 on his face - we'll capture who he is, and we'll find the real smiles hiding in there. She doesn't have to worry if her hair... her skin... or that the loving eye-roll was perfect, because we recognize that life isn't perfect - but the memories can be.


Building a life, but no big event in the future? You still look great together, and we'll keep it that way.

Family Life  The perfect shoot to capture the subtleties of a family's love. We'll direct your family as you enjoy your favorite activity: An evening by the lakeside, a Saturday in the backyard with the family pet, or a scenic fall stroll. Whatever the setting, wherever we should photograph you... this is a time that deserves to be remembered, your love for the people you treasure most.


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